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Giving gifts to celebrate a marriage is an age-old tradition, but one that we’re pretty sure will be around for a good while yet. While cheques and honeymoon contributions are always a kind and appreciated gesture, there’s something about giving a gift for the home that we think will always remain that bit more special – it’s something that signifies a new start together; to be shared with one another, friends and family; to be enjoyed every day; and to be treasured, forever.


Ella glass jug, Winsford cup and tea plates, Fenton side and dinner plates in Pure White.

Yes, times have changed since the days when tying the knot signalled entering adulthood, the moment when young people moved out of their parents’ homes and began a new life together. Back then, the gifts given at their wedding breakfast – be it a hand-stitched quilt or a china tea service – set them up for the future.

These days, most brides and grooms already share an address and, most probably, a fair few home essentials too. If they’ve pooled the contents of two kitchens, they might even have some duplicates. So, asking for a whole new set of tableware as a wedding gift might feel like an unnecessary extravagance. The chances are though, what they’ve used for mealtimes up until now is nothing special. Plates, cutlery, glasses that do the job, but are quite simply, ordinary.

And that’s why wedding presents still have an important role. Presents can be an opportunity to invest in everyday items as well as the bigger one-offs. They’re a chance to surprise a couple with beautiful pieces – dinner plates, breakfast-in-bed trays and serveware – some to be enjoyed day-in day-out, others to be stored away safely for special occasions.


Fenton dinnerware in Pure White, Winsford tea plates, Antonia napkins in Sage and Barton cutlery.


Corinium tray and Alderney glass vase.

How lovely to start married life with homewares that make the simplest Sunday brunch, or a supper with friends, feel just that bit more special. Relaxed yet refined napkins in pure linen with a tablecloth to match, crockery that’s been thoughtfully designed so it’s weighty enough to speak of its quality but not so heavy that it’s uncomfortable and fiddly to use.

What’s more, everyday items can – and should – be about lasting the course, so a couple will continue using them for years to come. It’s more common for us to feel that it’s the special occasion pieces that are the ones that should endure, but the best wedding gifts are those that will stand the test of time regardless of how much they’re used. The happy couple will then unwrap them feeling that your gift is an investment in their future together.

At Neptune, we’ve always believed in longevity, in timeless styles, in transcending trends, and in designing for forever. Our founders and designers make sure that our collections are created with materials that will live on and on, using proper joinery and careful making methods, and with an aesthetic that will never fall out of favour.

In other words, we make pieces that a couple will want to have and to hold, every day, pretty much forever. Which, in our book, is a rather lovely message to pass on to two people about to start a life-long journey together.

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