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Frames by Franke

They put the kitchen back in the centre of everyday life.

Frames by Franke is the revolutionary 24 hour kitchen system. It integrates all Franke product groups around the key elements of every kitchen – hob, oven, hood, sink and tap – into a single brilliant system. No matter which combination you choose, everything fits together wonderfully and feels unified. Each element is designed and engineered to work together seamlessly and to enable a perfect workflow.

At last, you’ll have a kitchen that is as stylish and beautiful as it is functional and connected.

Frames by Franke Sinks

The new Frames by Franke sinks are incredibly flexible to use. The variable cover system gives two working levels and sink bowls, in use at the same time. Every sink has a super slim steel frame and is fitted either flush or in slim profile.

Frames by Franke Hobs

From dinners for special occasions to quick snacks, cooking with a Frames by Franke Hob combines the best of flexibility and control. With a choice of gas or induction, the cooking zones adapt to the pans being used, focusing the heat to minimise wastage. Touch control sliders allow for absolute control over temperature, for better cooking management.

Frames by Franke Ovens

A sleek minimalist exterior hides a wealth of clever features and cutting edge technology. This aesthetic is enhanced by a front panel that darkens when not in use, blending into your kitchen. Multifunction cooking is at your fingertips, while energy efficiency is at the heart of these appliances thanks to Dynamic Cooking Technology (DCT).

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